Inspiration Meets Impact 

Stacy Smith: The Nature Goddess of Tattoos 

“Breaking the rules is always a good idea...”  

For Stacy Smith, it was and always will be tattooing. From the age of 15, there was no other option. Growing up in a religious household where tattoos were frowned upon, Stacy chose her own gospel. Holding true to her intuition, Stacy now enjoys playing the rule breaker... and believes all artists should do the same.  

Stacy’s studio in North Carolina, Tattoo Me Charlotte, has become a well-known foundry for ink therapy and tattooing excellence. Unique yet intimate, the space envelopes all who enter with acceptance, clients and tattoo artists alike. Through her surrealistic designs packed with vivid mixed-medium details, Stacy has made an impact far beyond, spreading positive energy like vinal radiance. She is our Nature Goddess. 

In The Beginning... 

New life has been imbued into the tattoo community thanks to the passion that fuels Stacy. “[I wanted to] make a shop that says, ‘come as you are,” she said. “Dress how you want, be who you want, love who you want, eat what you want for lunch. We try to be a home to everyone who comes through our doors.” 

Trained by a realism artist, but influenced by fantasy in design and color, her work is a beautiful amalgamation of her journey; watercolor, black and grey, ornamental, and realism all find their way into her work. Stacy takes the time to connect with her clients and uses her empathetic abilities to create an ideal piece for their unique story. She gifts her clients with a piece of themselves — an empowering design that goes into a realm of self-discovery. 

“A person has energy,” Stacy said.  “I try to find it when I meet with them. I try to ricochet that off in their skin and show others what their aura is.” 

Redefining the Tattoo Industry

Stacy Smith owns Tattoo Me Charlotte

Women are still facing prejudice and hesitation in the majority male industry of tattooing even though, according to Zippia: The Career Expert, 25% of tattooists identify as female. Stacy received pushback from her own community when building Tattoo Me Charlotte. “Nobody believed me,” she said.   

Despite her initial struggles, Stacy began to flourish, earning a spot on season 11 of the hit competitive series, Ink Master. Even before her TV debut, she was fully booked because of her unique style and approach.  

Stacy is an advocate for women on either side of the tattoo machine. While she believes rules for tattooing should exist, it shouldn’t keep an artist from gifting their client the perfect tattoo. “I feel that tattooists that have a lot of ego forget the vulnerability that their client is feeling,” she said. “You are coming to someone baring your soul. You’ve waited for them for years to get something that speaks to your dreams and desires. You’re going to wear it forever.”  

Stacy found that many women come to her wanting a more delicate tattoo. In her experience, these women have faced artists that will not compromise the “bold will hold” rule to achieve a happy medium design for their clients. That’s why she is creating long-lasting relationships with her clients to create a non-judgmental space to return to. 

Step into the Inkiverse with Stacy Smith of Tattoo Me Charlotte

World Famous Inks Fit for a Goddess 

Stacy’s tattoos require a high pigment load and wide color palette to support her vivid designs of fantastical themes. By using World Famous Tattoo Ink, the Nature Goddess has been able to achieve transcendental artistry to fulfill her vision.  

“The versatility, especially in [World Famous’s] color palettes, is unmatched,” she said. “I often can’t find that range of cool and warm tones. So, I really love what World Famous gives you on each level... “ 

Ink-spiration from the Nature Goddess 

"I don’t know what it is about Strawberry, but I want to put it on everything.”  

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