World Famous Tattoo Ink Pro Team Artist Paul Talbot


Paul Talbot is an award-winning, UK based tattoo artist and graphic designer, producing both public and private work, in print, on screen and on skin.
He describes his work as stills from a postmodern science-fiction comic set ten minutes in the future…
Paul has won a few of design awards here and there, including an industry award for ‘most innovative style’ and ‘best avant garde’ from Skin Deep – the UK’s best selling tattoo magazine. He has also been nominated for a Grammy twice, is a published animal rights poet and producer of a number 1 hit single – all facts that he likes to drop into conversation whenever he can!
He has never written a best-selling book or hosted his own You Tube Channel. But intends to…

A professional Tattoo Artist and Designer with a love of all things ‘grunge’. He spends his time creating bespoke tattoo art for his ever increasing waiting list and working with clients who are as passionate about what they do as Paul is about what he does.

“When I first used World Famous Ink I was instantly amazed by how easily they ‘go in’ and how incredibly bright they are. I actually tried to wipe my client 3 times before I realized that the ink wasn’t sitting on the skin it was in there already! My style relies heavily on large fields of flat color that have to contrast with the black textured areas World Famous is perfect for me because they are super bright strong colors – and they heal amazing!”

Studio: The Modern Electric Tattoo Co, Birmingham UK.


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