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Simone Marchi

Simone Marchi

My roots are in Tuscany, I was born there close to Siena, one of the most important cities for the Renaissance. This inspired my art. Another thing that always inspired me is the prerogative of the realistic style. This impresses me a lot. With the research of the detail, I always try to combine the right colors and contrasts to create projects beyond being of impact which fit good on the customer’s skin to create the right harmony on the shape of the body. Great influence I find in the movies, video games and comics. I was for ten years a basketball player, a World that I left for the love of tattoo art which I had inside of me since I was in the artistic school. I spent about 2 years in the tattoo academy where I had the chance to improve from Alex De Pase. 3 years ago I moved to Switzerland where I still work and live. In Switzerland I had the luck to work in the or noir tattoo gallery. I’m really glad of that cause all of the artists that work there are skills people and we share everyday the knowledge, this is something priceless that all the artists should live not less than once in a life. My team is my family, we all are far away from our relatives so our relation has become like a true fam. I wish to continue every day to give what I give to my work and to have the same love for my work that I always had.

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