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LIMITLESS Blacks: Unrivaled Versatility 

Tattoo ink isn’t one-dimensional. As you progress through the stages of your art journey, you learn that the perfect tool for the job can make a world of difference. Sure, we aren’t swinging hammers or sawing through lumber, but a tattoo artist has their own set of tools for specific purposes. Namely, ink.

When it comes to tattoo inks, there is no debating that black reigns supreme. It’s used in everything, and a majority of tattoo work is done exclusively in black and grey (which is just a mixed version of black). With so much art being done in black, it’s important for an artist to have access to the right tools for the job AND the ability to know when to use which one.

Here’s an overview of some of the best black inks that World Famous has to offer, but specifically, what makes them special in the art process and how to use them. 

These inks are available for the EU at Killer Ink.

Table of Content

  • Outlining - Obsidian
  • Full Coverage - Obsidian Triple
  • Easy - Knockout
  • Shading - Triple Knockout
  • Versatility - Deep Black
  • Conclusion


The Sharp Shooter

Obsidian is the black ink that you need when you want to create the CRISPEST outlines. It’s smooth, clean, and perfect for making lines stand out in stark contrast to skin and other inks. As a general rule, Obsidian is perfect for tattoos that require fine details and precision, especially in projects like portraits, lettering, and geometric designs.

It can also be diluted with our thinning solution to create different shades of gray for shading. Obsidian is easy to work with, and versatile. It’s the perfect black ink for any tattoo artist who wants to make a good impression.

Shop Obisidian
Obsidian Black Tattoo Ink For the EU

Obsidian Triple

The Heavy Hitter

Obsidian Triple is the black ink that you need when you want to create solid and bold blacks. It has the highest pigment load of all the black inks, which means it’s extremely thick and dark.

Obsidian Triple can cover large areas of skin and it won’t fade or bleed over time. This ink is perfect for tribal work and other projects that need areas of high coverage with deep pigmentation that stands out. It can also be used for blackout tattoos, where you fill in the entire area with black ink. Obsidian Triple is not for the faint of heart, but for the tattoo artist who wants to make a statement.

Shop Obisidian Triple
Obsidian Triple Black Tattoo Ink for the EU


The Smooth Operator

Knockout is the black ink that you need when you want to create realistic and subtle shades of gray. It has a low pigment load and a high fluidity, making application and blending a breeze. Knockout can create smooth and even gradients and is great for fine details and textures.

This ink is ideal for artists who want to practice shading. When you need something for projects that have a lot of contrast and depth, such as flowers, animals, or landscapes, Knockout can deliver the punch.

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Knockout Black Tattoo Ink for the EU

Triple Knockout

So Nice, Say It Thrice

Triple Knockout is the black ink that you need when you want to have the best of both worlds: strong outlines and smooth shades. It has a higher pigment load and a thicker consistency than Knockout, which means it can create crisp and clear lines, as well as rich and dark blacks.

Triple Knockout can also handle more complex and challenging tattoos that aren’t exclusively outlines or shading work. Triple Knockout will satisfy the most demanding tattoo artists. Triple Knockout is the black ink that will give your tattoos an edge.

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Triple Knockout Black Tattoo Ink for the EU

Deep Black

The Jack of All Blacks

Deep Black is the black ink that you need when you want to have a versatile and adaptable ink that can do it all. It has a medium pigment load and a balanced consistency for an array of styles and techniques. 

Deep Black can create soft and subtle shades of gray, as well as those classic dense and saturated blacks. It’s great for shading, packing, and black and gray work. When you’re inking tattoos with a lot of texture and dimension, such as feathers, fur, or scales, Deep Black most definitely has your back.

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 Deep Black Tattoo Ink for the EU

LIMITLESS Versatility 


BVL Registered


Want to know a secret? Every. Single. One of our LIMITLESS inks are ready for use in the EU. That means:

- Total REACH-Compliance
- BVL-Registered
- And Vegan (just cause we can)

Getting quality, dependable black inks in the EU isn’t always easy, but World Famous has one of the best collections out there to meet regulations without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

No matter what your next project needs, World Famous has a black ink ready for the job.

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LIMITLESS Black Tattoo Inks: Unrivaled Versatility
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LIMITLESS Black Tattoo Inks: Unrivaled Versatility

For ink to truly be LIMITLESS, it must exceed industry standards and regulations, starting with REACH.
Common Thread Collective | Dec 08, 2022

The Facts About LIMITLESS

Backed by Science. Proven with Results. At World Famous Tattoo Ink, we strive for nothing but perfection. And that’s what we’ve brought to the EU family with LIMITLESS — inks without boundaries.  For ink to truly be LIMITLESS, it must exceed industry standards and regulations, starting with REACH. What do we look at in order to make our LIMITLESS inks REACH compliant? The big 4: quality control, color calibration, vigorous testing and artist vetted.  Vigorous Testing  LIMITLESS is a revolutionary line of REACH-compliant inks. We test our raw materials, intermediates, and finished product throughout the manufacturing process including, but not limited to: micro, heavy metals, amines, PAH, regulated preservatives, aldehydes, and other forbidden substances.  Quality Control  Our manufacturing measures surpass the current ones, globally. We closely monitor our products using the following quality management systems:   ISO 13485 Certified Quality Management System  Our strict quality policy  Color standardization FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations  Color Standardization  Not only did we evolve our formula to follow EU observations, but we also creative-proofed our line by providing you with a wide selection of colors – which will soon include green and blue-based inks. Now artists can focus on dominating the industry.  Artist Approval  If our inks don’t cut it, what good are they? We make sure our inks get the green light from industry-leading artists before they head to market.    Want more stats on LIMITLESS? Head to the LIMITLESS webpage to learn more.  [ Ink Without Limits ]  Ready to join the legion of EU artists fired up for LIMITLESS? Find a distributor near you.  [ Become Limitless ] 

World Famous Tattoo Ink founder, Lou Rubino, spoke with The New York Times about WF is supporting European artists now that REACH has been implemented.
Common Thread Collective | Jun 24, 2022

World Famous is Leading the Way in Innovation, NYT Took Notice

World Famous is supporting European tattoo artists with implacable resolve. Earlier this year, the European Union implemented new guidelines for tattoo ink. If manufacturers do not meet compliance standards, it could cause delays that would impact quality and production for tattooists. After COVID-19 brought an industry structured around personal contact to a halt, further inhibitions could reset what has otherwise been a remarkable comeback for the tattoo community. Related: You Have LIMITLESS, What Now? Yet World Famous Tattoo Ink, one of Europe’s top producers, has edged ahead of the curve. We are once again leading the way in innovation to ensure safety and compliance for our artists overseas. WF Founder, Lou Rubino, spoke with The New York Times about how we adapted with LIMITLESS, and the ongoing impact this could have on a global scale. To read the article in The New York Times, click here.  World Famous Ink adapted to REACH by developing LIMITLESS, supporting tattoo artistis in Europe.

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