Domantas Parvainis

Domantas Parvainis is an 11-year tattooing veteran, working privately out of his hometown of Siauliai, Lithuania. Let’s let Domantas tell his own story. “My name is Domantas Parvainis. I’m from Lithuania and have been tattooing for about 11 years. I specialize in realism and surrealism in black and grey. I have been drawing all my life — because of this, tattooing was a career that piqued my interest. Since I started tattooing, I’ve been in love with it ever since. I’ve been using World Famous Tattoo Ink for quite a while and swear by it. During these past 11 years, I have participated in many different conventions throughout Europe. My biggest honors and awards include 1st place and best in show at the 10th London International Convention and 1st place and best in show at Stockholm InkBash.”