Jay Freestyle was born and raised in South Africa, currently residing in Amsterdam. Being self taught, his techniques and style are sometimes unconventional. All of his work is unprepared and literally “Freestyled” on the client, the day of tattooing. The spontaneity of his tattoo’s are part of what makes them so unique. His specialty is large scale surreal/abstract tattoos that make use of the bodies natural curves and shapes as part of the design. Contradictory to his personality which is very quiet and shy, his tattoo’s are bold, bright and in your face. He has been with the World famous family since 2015 and is grateful for the help and support he has received over the years. Especially for creating his signature Jay Freestyle Watercolor ink set which he uses religiously in all his pieces. His ink set is specially formulated to achieve the brightest, vivid colours possible.