Melek Tastekin

I was born in 1991 in Trabzon, Turkey. I was graduated from Gazi University Fine Arts Faculty Ceramics Teaching Department. After graduation from, I’ve been tattooing since 2014. Because of having interest on fine arts from early ages, it triggered me to have education on this area. On the other hand, my husband’s real interest on tattooing and his faith on my talent made me to change the surface that I am working on. My realistic perspective on life is the reason why I slide into color realism at my work even my choice on movies is generally get inspired from the real-life stories. I am kind of a person who is full of passion and ambition towards my art. That’s why my goal on my work is always making the better. My patient character enabled me to do long term and detailed art. I am totally aware that exploring different cultures contributes my character and my art in a positive way. That’s why I want to attend the tattoo conventions all over the world, experience new styles on my art work, be in different tattoo studios around the world and make new friends.