Ryan Scarpino was born in 1980 on the rock known as Vancouver Island ! He’s been drawing long before he could even write his name and subconsciously was inspiring to be a tattoo artist since the first time he drew on his sister’s face (true story!). Art was the only thing that kept him in the educational programs provided by the man! His freedom of expression was based on a graffiti background, painting walls, trains, buses, over passes, back alleys and where ever he could be seen. Now many years and after a few bumps and bruises he has found a place for his creativity. Newz did his apprenticeship with Jeremy Papove and has been tattooing now for 4 dedicated years. He’s a custom, open minded artist, without limitations and always works with his clients to make sure every tattoo is exactly want the client is looking for and he always puts his name and reputation behind every piece!