Born in 1981 roku in Rybnik, he lives and works here, started tattooing in 2001. After years of tattooing 8miu opened in Rybnik their own copyright tattoo studio INK- OGNITO. Watch his video on the videos page. A graduate art studies in Cieszyn on the graphics. His Favorite style of tattooing is a colorful surrealism . As one of the first in the world a few years ago began designing tattoos using 3D graphics which at present day is the base of his oeuvre . The participant and winner of the prize for most European Convention tattoos such as Paris, Berlin , Rome, Brussels , Dortmund, Frankfurt . As a participant and member of the judging panels for most of the Polish conventions . Tofi permanently cooperates with several European tattoo studios in whose outside tattooing conducts seminars about design and tattooing.