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The Best FK Irons Tattoo Machines for Beginners

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And Other Supplies For Total Tattooing Domination

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Power supplies

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Black Inks & Greywash


Color inks

Tattoo ink is our main game, but unless you are going to sharpen a stick and get back to the basics of it all, it’s important to have a super solid tattoo machine to ink with. There are a lot out there to choose from, and today we are going to cover one of our favorite brands around: FK Irons. FK Irons is a leading brand in the tattoo industry, known for its high-quality, innovative, and reliable machines. On top of that, they make some of the absolute best tattoo machines for beginners. ​But what makes a tattoo machine and how does it work?

A tattoo machine is a device that uses an electric motor to move a needle up and down at a high speed. The needle inserts ink into the skin, but really fast for ultimate coverage. There are different types of tattoo machines, such as coil, rotary, and pen machines, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we will focus on the pen machines from FK Irons, which are designed to mimic the feel and ​​movement of a real pen. Generally speaking, these options are also great for beginners, but provide plenty of features for any pros out there.

Now that we know how a tattoo machine works, we can get into some of our favorite tattoo machines for beginners. Let’s get started.

Best overall

Spektra Xion

Reliable and less expensive tattoo machine, Spektra Xion from FK Irons

If you are looking for a tattoo machine that can handle any style and technique, you might want to consider the Spektra Xion. This is a pen-style rotary machine with the most essential features at a ​pretty fantastic price. One of the best features the Xion has is a one-turn dial that lets you adjust the give and needle tension from soft to hard, depending on your preference. You can also change the stroke length from 3.7mm to 3.2mm, making it great for different types of needles and cartridges.

At 5.36 ounces, it’s comfortable and lightweight, so you can work for hours without having a ​dead arm at the end of the day. The Spektra Xion has a 6W motor and autoclavable grip with a stabilizer O-ring that prevents any wobble or vibration. If you want to get a bit fancy with things, there are a TON of color options, including options like Bubblegum, Ruby, Nebula, Stealth, and a few others. It is one of the most versatile and reliable tattoo machines on the market today.

Shop Spektra Xion

Best High-End

Spektra Flux

Spektra Flux is an efficient tattoo machine by FK Irons
Spectra Fluc 2 (1).webp__PID:311720e2-bd65-42f2-8b6e-d8b2a2faa1e6

If you are looking for a high-end tattoo machine that offers a ton of features, performance, and connectivity, the Spektra Flux is at the top of the line. This is another pen-style rotary machine that comes with a detachable PowerBolt battery pack that can last up to 10 hours and can be recharged via USB-C.

The machine has a 4mm stroke length and a one-turn dial that lets you adjust the give from soft to hard. It also has a seamless, autoclavable grip with a stabilizer O-ring that prevents any wobble or vibration. The Flux is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can connect it to other FK Irons devices, including the LightingBolt and wireless foot pedals. Essentially, you can create your dream setup without having to buy a bunch of wireless attachments.

The Flux is available in various colors, such as chromium, stealth, bubblegum, camo, and black ops. It is one of the most advanced and luxurious tattoo machines on the market today.

Best Batteries and Packs

If you want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of wireless tattooing, you might want to invest in some batteries and packs that can power your FK Irons machines. Modern tech has allowed artists a ton of options when it comes to how they charge and control their devices.

Hover Power Supply

Hover Power Supply (1).webp__PID:1918a250-5414-4595-bfc5-39f63ba20a68

One of our favorite options out there is the Hover Power Supply, which is a wireless powersupply that can control up to two machines at once. The most impressive feature of the Hover is the touchless gesture control. With the Hover, you don’t need to touch anything to change your settings. You can simply hover (get it) your hand over the device and use gestures to navigate through the menu screens and set a timer. This way, you can prevent cross-contamination and reduce the need for different devices.

Lightning Bolt Battery Pack

Lightning-Bolt-Battery Pack_1 (1).webp__PID:45dd34e3-abd9-4ac4-ac0c-84669d394492
Lightning-Bolt-Battery Pack_2 (1).webp__PID:9ac4ec0c-8466-4d39-8492-7b86402c0464

Another option is the LightningBolt Battery Pack, which is a detachable battery that can attach to any RCA connection. It has a 6-hour run time and a 1.5-hour charge time. It also has an LED display that shows the voltage and battery level. The LightningBolt Battery Pack is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can connect it to other FK Irons devices, such as the Spektra Flux.

The Best Starter Inks for Newer artists

Once you’ve got your tattoo machine, it’s time to get some inks and get to work. Here are ourrecommendations for the best started inks for beginners. If you want some specific details onhow to use them, check out our guide here!

Black inks

One of the most essential colors is black, which can be used for various purposes. But not all black inks are the same, and you need to choose the right one for your style and technique. Here is a quick overview of our favorite options:

Legendary Outline: A thin black ink for outlining. It goes in easy and smoothly and heals perfectly.
Blackout: An all-around black without glycerin for the thinnest consistency. It is easy to work with and super opaque, great for black and white portraits and more.
Black Sabbath: A medium viscosity black ink with a heavy pigment load. It is ideal for shading and packing, creating a rich and deep black tone.
True Black: A great all-purpose black that falls between Legendary Ink and Black Sabbath. It is great for super dark lining and shading.
Pitch Black: One of the darkest blacks from World Famous. It has a high pigment load and a thick consistency, best for deep, dark fill and color packing for tribal designs.
Triple Blackout: Another one of the darkest blacks from World Famous. It has a high pigment load but no glycerin, making it thinner and easier to work with than Pitch Black.

WF-2023-Shop Pay-Blackout-Triple Blackout.png__PID:4b45801b-a2f2-45d9-b278-342d3ee060af


WFTCJNI4-Thomas Carli Jarlier Noire Ink Set-4oz-Homepage.jpg__PID:13ba55a9-3c5f-4127-a9e1-0ad66a7a0e9f
WF Monochromatic Set-6 Color Simple Set-1oz Homepage.png__PID:6ee713ba-55a9-4c5f-b127-a9e10ad66a7a

Greywashing is a method of shading tattoos using only black or gray inks. The result is similar to a pencil sketch, with different textures and shades of black creating the image. Here are twoof our favorite sets for greywashing:

Poch Monochromatic Tattoo Ink Set: This set contains six inks, including various shades of black, white, and grey. They are great for any style and technique, and you can adjust the give and needle tension from soft to hard using your FK Irons machine.

Thomas Carli Jarlier Noire Ink Set: This set contains six monochrome inks hand-curated by Thomas Carli Jarlier, a renowned artist who specializes in realism and portraits. Theset includes thin, light, medium, dark, white, and thick black inks for outlining and shading.



Many tattoos are black and white, but lots of styles need some color! A great color set that you can start with is the Primary Color Ink Set. This set contains 12 essential colors that can be used individually or mixed together to create more variations. They are bright, bold, and opaque, and they go in easily and heal perfectly. For a little more nuance, some other color sets we recommend include:


Michele Turco Color Portrait Set for portrait and realism work.
• Any of our Primary Ink Sets (#1, #2, and #3
• Master Mike’s Asian Tattoo Set
• Jay Freestyle’s Watercolor Ink Set
• Nikolay Dzhangriov’s Darkside Set

- And a lot more! Let the tattooing… begin!

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