Meet Silvano Fiato, now on top of the prestigious list of Forbes' Top 10 Italian Professional Succeeding in 2023.

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I love to evolve, to change, I really don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over." Silvano Fiato

 You can't spell contemporary without the "Michelangelo" of the genre space. 

Silvano Fiato, a photo realism artist, creates tattoos that are completely lifelike, but with an infusion of fantasy. Each piece offers a simulation of dreams or nightmares. Either way, Fiato constantly enraptures you with images of misty, glaring eyes and mystical scenery.

Silvano Fiato is a Man of the Renaissance

Photo Realism “Michelangelo” and Founder of Eternal Tattoo Studio, Silvano Fiato 

Silvano Fiato's Unlikely Inspiration

An early prodigy, he began drawing at a young age. He loved the art of tattooing from the start.

"I discovered that what I did with paper and pencil could be reproduced also on skin," he said. "That was when I decided what I wanted to do in life."

The founder of Eternal Tattoo Studio got inspired by the ink world from a unique source - his grandfather, who was extremely tattooed. By the time Silvano was 16, he'd already gotten his first tattoo.



But between the love of art itself and the influence of his grandfather, the Italian artist has one other major influence -- his country. 

"Italy is such a wonderful country, full of art in every corner," he said in an interview with Skin Artists. "It’s really inspiring for me! I love wandering around and finding art in places you’d never think of. I see art in almost everything in life. When it comes to design a tattoo, to be honest, I always try to follow my customer’s directions and I add my personal representation of what they ask, adding a part of my country, of my culture. But that’s quite spontaneous since it’s part of my cultural heritage."

 Ink Like Silvano

The veteran tattoo artist is considered a pioneer in realism. And now, as part of Forbes Top Italian professional of 2023, the world knows it. 

 "I love black and grey," Silvano said to Killer Ink. "Because it’s much closer to my idea of a tattoo. Sometimes I love to do something in colour, but I prefer black and grey."



If you can't already tell, realism seems to be his go-to.

"[I will] surely stick to realism, my style, because that’s what I always do, since I was a child and I used to draw or paint," he said. "I won’t hide. I love to experiment, to try new techniques or styles, sometimes just for a day. I love to evolve, to change. I really don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over."

While Silvano teaches seminars around the globe, you can harness his skills with Silvano Fiato's Blackwash Set. a gradient of black inks available as singles or a set. Now you can unlock unlimited shading potential.


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