For the abstract thinkers... 

...the black and grey dreamers... 

...the artistic realists. 

If you want to see time freeze, Thomas Carli Jarlier knows how to preserve art in high-quality black and grey. 

Thomas Carli Jarlier is a master tattooist hailing from France. He's the founder of Noire Ink, with locations in both London, UK and Clermont-Ferrand, France. Raised in an artistic family, he was heavily influenced by the paintings of his mother and the music proficiency of his father. Now, he's a world-renowned black and grey artist with a penchant for abstract, realism, and portraiture. Thomas shares his expertise with the world, hosting frequent seminars to educate the next generation of artists.

“For me pure black ink is the cornerstone of any tattoo in black and grey," he said in an interview with Skin Artists. "If the blacks are correctly deposited and well saturated, it will heal well and stay contrasted.” 

Six colors. A full range of white-to-black. Endless mixing opportunities.  

Need the perfect mix of black to white hues? Thomas Carli Jarlier's Noir Ink Set gives you the foundations of the greyscale. If you still yearn for a specific grey, create the perfect hue for your next triumph with Portrait White ink. 

Forget What You Know About Noire

 Give Tattoos the Noire Effect


Same Name, New REACH Compliant Game 

For our EU family, the Noire effect is REACH compliant too. Step up your black and grey finesse with the LIMITLESS Thomas Carli Noire Ink Set. Available through Killer Ink. 


You can book with Thomas via his website at either his London or Clermont-Ferrand locations.