Silvano Fiato was born in Genoa in 1981 and since he was a child his passion for drawing and art in all its forms is well known, not a day goes by without drawing on any available surface. This early career led him, 16 years ago, as a total self-taught, to open his tattoo studio, since the early years of his career he has stood out worldwide for his skill and his ability to tell stories through his works. It’s essential for him to put a part of himself in each of his pieces and loves to define them as a sort of open-air museum, itinerant and in constant movement, where everyone can enjoy his works. For years he has been fighting to recognize the tattoo as a real art form, to be worn forever instead of hanging on the wall, finally, at the end of 2018, his dream became reality and with 7 other illustrious colleagues he was awarded the title of Contemporary Artist by the MACRO Museum in Rome.