World Famous Tattoo Ink Pro Team Artist Daria Pirojenko


Daria Pirojenko has graced the gallery of Freshly Inked Magazine before, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring her back for an up-close look at this phenomenal artist. Some of us struggle with water color on a paper canvass, meanwhile Daria has perfected water color tattoos. Her pieces show impressive range and awe-inspiring technique. Check out the way she uses lively colors to make her pop culture tattoos command an audience. Tattooing since 2013.

“I think that in tattoo world I can grow up all life . That why I am always try to search interesting ideas and elements in my arts, learning and improving my skills. I prefer digital cartoons and I like mix realism with watercolor. I use only bright colors and World Famous Tattoo Ink are ideal for me. The high quality of these inks makes my work long-lasting and big palette give big opportunity for depth of color. I don’t sit in one place. I like travel, visit different conventions and studios. I think it’s great when you can work and travel both.”


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