New VEGANnings – Our Interview with Babiery

Babiery Hernandez is an award-winning, world-renowned tattoo artist, currently based in New York. His unique style brings together elements of surrealism & new school tattooing. This former Ink Master contestant is also a proud vegan. We’re celebrating Veganuary again this year with help from some of our World Famous tattoo artists.

How long have you been a vegan?
My journey began over two years ago when I was diagnosed pre-diabetic. I was experiencing health problems such as high cholesterol, light-headed, and excessive exhaustion. I knew I had to make a change so I cut out all sugar, but that did not improve my symptoms so I did more research and learned that eliminating meat and dairy could help. Within just two or three months of eating strictly vegan, I noticed a significant change in not only my health but also my body’s appearance, I got my 6 pack back! Then after going vegan for my health I connected the dots about the environmental and ethical side of not exploiting animals and now I would never go back.

What’s a vegan-friendly tattoo supply (or supplies) you use on a regular basis?
I use and highly recommend World Famous ink. Their colors are vibrant with a great variety, easy to mix, and most importantly they’re 100% cruelty-free and vegan!

What’s a common misconception about veganism you can set straight?
A common misconception is that vegans barely eat or don’t have many options. Eliminating animal products has not made me feel like I have dietary restrictions in the slightest, if anything it has expanded my palette and introduced me to so many new flavors!

What’s your advice to other artists considering switching to veganism?
The main thing I would recommend to others just starting out is to watch the documentaries Game Changers and Dominion to gain more insight on veganism. I realized I found more meaning with my artwork and a closer connection with my clients. I also made the connection that consuming death, torture, and fear affects my energy as an artist. I want to positively impact others and to live a life without harming any living being.

To see more from Babiery stop by his Instagram! To see other vegan artists we’ll be featuring this month, stay tuned!

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