Remembering the Fascinating Life of Dick Hilburn on his 103rd Birthday

Tattoo artist, business owner, and famed as the ‘half-man’ who tattooed on circus and carnival midways in the 1940s and 1950s, Dick Hilburn lived a truly inspiring and fascinating life.

Dick Hilburn was born with a single arm and without legs. Despite his physical challenges, he decided to live his life as limitless as possible. He had an unconquerable, lively spirit and incredible work ethic which led him to not only meet expectations but also exceed them.

He was able to gain more mobility by using a rolling board. He used his arm to propel and steer his body and by doing so developed great physical strength. Hilburn proved to be a skilled tattoo artist and well-known not solely for his appearance but for his amazing art.

On top of being a tattoo artist, he was a savvy businessman and passionate performer. He combined his business mind with his love of performing and developed his own traveling show. Hilburn ran his sideshow until the day he died in June of 1971. He inspired countless individuals to embrace their uniqueness and not let anything stop them from achieving their ambitions. Today we want to say Happy Birthday to an artist that truly left his mark on the tattoo industry!

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