New VEGANnings – Our Interview with Pony Lawson

Pony Lawson creates micro-portrait tattoos with extreme detail. He can capture anyone’s picture like a snap of a camera. Aside from being a world-renowned tattoo artist, he’s also the co-founder of Mayday Tattoo Co. in Chicago Illinois.

Image by @ricochingas

How long have you been a vegan? I have been vegan for nearly 3 years. I went vegetarian first for a quick month before giving up a personal battle with myself to ‘never be vegan’.

What’s a vegan-friendly tattoo supply (or supplies) you use on a regular basis? I use tattoo lubricant, aftercare, and bandages from a company called Second Skin. Eric, the owner is as real as they come. The lubricant is a low ingredient, no BS butter that I use every day, on every tattoo.

What’s a common misconception about veganism you can set straight? On boy, where do I begin?! I will say, it’s a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Going to the grocery store is as easy now as it ever was, once you know what to look for. I still eat burgers, tacos and have ‘chikn’ nuggies in the freezer. Side note, Did you know Oreos are vegan?!

A lot of people assume vegans as being weak or lacking in protein when that’s just not true. Check out the documentary Game Changers for an in-depth look at the benefits of building strength on a vegan diet. The amount of energy your body can produce when not weighed down by animal fat is tremendous.

What’s your advice to other artists considering switching to veganism? Do it and don’t look back. You’re going to wish you did it sooner. If you’re even considering it, that means your mind is open to the idea, whether for health reasons or animal welfare like myself. Educate yourself more on where your bacon and gummy bears really come from. If you see yourself as a compassionate person, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.

To see more from Pony Lawson stop by his Instagram! To see other vegan artists we’ll be featuring this month, stay tuned!

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