Achieving Extraordinary Color Realism with Damien Wickham

Recently Tattoo Life did an interview with the awesome Australian tattoo artist, Damien Wickham. In the interview, they gave us an amazing shout out and now we want to give a shout out back!



Damien creates amazingly detailed, vibrant tattoos of some of our favorite familiar faces, including Deadpool, Alice Cooper, Cat Woman, and many more! He was asked why he chooses World Famous Tattoo Ink and this was his answer:

“I discovered World Famous Ink at the Atlantic City Tattoo Convention. I needed some white so my good friend Joey Tattoo said hey try some “White House”. It blew my mind how easy it was to use and how no blood seeped through and it seemed easy to keep clean when wiping another colour over the top of it. I had a cool piece on the Sunday of the show so I went and purchased all the colours involved for that piece and I won Best of Show. Since that day I have only used World Famous Ink. I could not ever go back to anything else. I love the brand and every person involved with the company. I definitely feel a part of a family when I am with them at conventions and other events.”



More about Damien:

He joined the tattoo industry in 2008. Before becoming a tattoo artist he worked in construction and the meat industry, which he credits for providing him with a strong work ethic that he maintains today. His style mainly focusing on color realism, with fine lines and intriguing details that make every piece look crisp and clean. He has an eye for color identification, explaining that it’s crucial to find the exact color you need to really bring an idea to life. Find out more about Damien Wickham by checking out the interview with Tattoo Life! 



We love seeing artist’s feedback on World Famous Tattoo Ink. Do you have a favorite ink or set? Share your experience below!

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