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At World Famous Tattoo Ink, we strive for nothing but perfection. And that’s what we’ve brought to the EU family with LIMITLESS — inks without boundaries. 

For ink to truly be LIMITLESS, it must exceed industry standards and regulations, starting with REACH. What do we look at in order to make our LIMITLESS inks REACH compliant? The big 4: quality control, color calibration, vigorous testing and artist vetted. 

Vigorous Testing 

LIMITLESS is a revolutionary line of REACH-compliant inks. We test our raw materials, intermediates, and finished product throughout the manufacturing process, including but not limited to: micro, heavy metals, amines, PAH, regulated preservatives, aldehydes, and other forbidden substances. All inks are vegan and animal cruelty-free.

Quality Control 

Our manufacturing measures surpass the current ones, globally. We closely monitor our products using the following quality management systems:  

    • ISO 13485 Certified Quality Management System 
    • Our strict quality policy 
    • Color standardization 

Color Standardization 

Not only did we evolve our formula to follow EU observations, but we also created a wide selection of colors – which will soon include green and blue-based inks. Now artists can focus on dominating the industry. 

Artist Approval 

If our inks don’t cut it, what good are they? We make sure our inks get the green light from industry-leading artists before they head to market. 

Want more stats on LIMITLESS? Head to the LIMITLESS webpage to learn more. 

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