World Famous is supporting European tattoo artists with implacable resolve. Earlier this year, the European Union implemented new guidelines for tattoo ink. If manufacturers do not meet compliance standards, it could cause delays that would impact quality and production for tattooists. After COVID-19 brought an industry structured around personal contact to a halt, further inhibitions could reset what has otherwise been a remarkable comeback for the tattoo community.

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Yet World Famous Tattoo Ink, one of Europe’s top producers, has edged ahead of the curve. We are once again leading the way in innovation to ensure safety and compliance for our artists overseas. WF Founder, Lou Rubino, spoke with The New York Times about how we adapted with LIMITLESS, and the ongoing impact this could have on a global scale.

To read the article in The New York Times, click here.

World Famous Ink adapted to REACH by developing LIMITLESS, supporting tattoo artistis in Europe.