New Line From World Famous Tattoo Ink - Coming Soon

With over 50 years of experience in the tattoo industry, World Famous has proven passion for making premier products manufactured with the safest, cleanest, and highest quality ingredients for the benefit of our clients around the world. World Famous works every day to comply with the regulations of every country in which our products are sold.

We are thrilled to announce the World Famous Limitless line of products. These are completely new lines of colors across the spectrum of the most sought-after shades used by the world’s most in-demand artists. As part of our constant quest for promoting excellence and safety in the industry, World Famous is committed to ensuring the new line meets all new European Union (EU) requirements per regulations established by REACH. We will continually be adding to the line during the year. 

“As we are artists ourselves, we take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of our products,” said Lou Rubino, founder of World Famous. “We are focused on ensuring our formulations meet the highest standards for quality and safety wherever they are sold. As each country develops their own new standards, World Famous is committed to evolving to comply. This process is ongoing, and we are committed to working as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards that our customers and artists expect from us.” 

The new World Famous Limitless line will comply with the new EU standards and are intended for global market distribution and usage.  

We will begin shipping World Famous Limitless products to our European distributors in the fourth quarter of 2021 and available for worldwide distribution in early 2022. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you do have questions, please contact customer service.   

Lou Rubino – Founder


How do we know that the classic line is still safe? 

  • Our products regardless of markets face rigorous testing, from performance testing, micro to heavy metals.  

Why do different countries have different regulations? 

  • Different regions and different countries have different laws due the differing structures in legislation. It is impossible to have every country with the same laws across the board across the world. World Famous Tattoo Ink follows all markets we supply and assess all the regulations together to build a compliant product to satisfy each market. 

Why does the US not follow EU standards? 

  • United states laws, and European laws are entirely different. Generally, the basis of the legislation in the EU for tattoo and PMU inks are based on restricted substances. There are more than 1,300 banned substances that are banned ingredients. The United States regulations are based on safety being proved in advanced, but also allows use of certain products.

Will I be able to buy the EU line in non-EU countries? 

  • Yes, we believe the ability to give our customers the ability to select what products they feel are right for their clients. 

Will there be color differences between the two lines? 

  • Yes, the colors are different because they are different pigments, and different formulations. The same manufacturing processes, and testing controls are followed in all lines of World Famous Tattoo Ink.  

Will the entire World Famous Tattoo Ink line be available in the new Limitless line? 

  • Eventually. We will start out by creating the most popular colors first. 

When can we expect more colors from the Limitless line? 

  • We will be releasing new colors as they are created and introducing them into the line gradually. We run a battery of tests on each pigment before they are released, we want to make sure we know everything meets our rigorous standards before we release new colors to the Limitless line.