Clients, especially to tattoo newbies, might not know exactly how to act or things to avoid, so here’s a little paper guide to studio etiquette. There’s kind of an unspoken code between artists and clients, and for each artist, rules may vary.

Price - Remember when it comes to price, it's better to have an awesome tattoo than receive an awesome deal. The last thing an artist wants is someone questioning their fee. The price will depend on the artist, but keep in mind it also depends on the size, amount of color used and location of a piece.

Avoiding cramping - Depending on where you get your tattoo, you might be in a bit of an uncomfortable position; take a minute to stretch before getting your tattoo done. Also make sure you eat, even if you’re nervous! Most importantly, stay hydrated - with water and not "liquid courage." Loose-fitting clothes are the best option during a tattoo, this makes it easier to tattoo the selected area while also ensuring your own comfort. Keep in mind you might have to move or sit a certain way so tight jeans are not your friend in this scenario. If you need to take a little break don’t hesitate to let your artist know.

Don't overcrowd the artist - Your artist will understand if you need moral support, bring your mom or sibling or one friend; that’s accepted. However, bringing in a whole group of friends can be distracting and inconsiderate to the artist who is working on your tattoo. Tattoo studios are generally laid back but they are still a place of work.

Be Prompt - When you have an appointment at a tattoo studio it’s best to show up a smidge early or right on time. Tattooing takes time and making your artist wait is going to waste your time and theirs. Traffic happens, they get that so if you are running late communicate that right away. If you can’t make it to your appointment at all don’t bail without calling.

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare - Your artist can (and most likely will) recommend an aftercare product for you, but once you leave the studio it’s your responsibility to take care of your new piece. Pay attention to aftercare instructions you’re given and follow exactly, don’t make the same mistake they did in Gremlins.

To wrap it up - Getting a tattoo can be exciting and you might just find your new go-to tattoo artist! Just remember to have mutual respect, ask questions, and tip well! Did you enjoy this blog? You'll enjoy our Ink even more! Stop by Ultimate Tattoo Supply and treat yourself. Here's a quick link -