We’ve checked in with NY-based Pro Team artists, Michela Bottin Ackerman and Adam Perjatel to find out what they’re loving in the world of anime and toons.

Manhattan-based artist Michela is currently obsessed with Demon Slayer. The highly anticipated season two part one was released this past spring and with part two coming in the fall the fans are on the edge of their seats. For Michela, the unique, harsh-lined art and the beautiful breathing styles of their fighting sequences create awe-inspiring creations.

Fellow New Yorker Perj is all about manga panels — at this point he’s tattooed enough panels to be considered a mangaka! Typically, they’re in black and white like the art they’re inspired by — but by adding color these tattoos are still just as impactful. If it isn’t manga panels, Perj has been creating vivid masterpieces in color with an array of our favorite toon characters from popular Nintendo Italian plumbers to speedy blue hedgehogs.

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