Meet Daniel Luzardo, the tattoo pro from Venezuela making portraits and realistic designs so good, you may just expect them to blink. Here’s his story and how he’s gone from mechanical engineer to Post Malone’s choice tattoo artist. 

From Mechanical Engineer to Tattoo Prodigy 

Daniel Luzardo, known professionally as DaniLuz, began his career as a mechanical engineer, but he soon realized that his artistry was best expressed through ink. He started out self-taught and honed his skills by traveling the world and participating in international tattoo conventions. After winning almost every competition he participated in across Curaćao, Panamá, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Athens, Switzerland, Spain, and more, it became clear that his skillset wasn’t that of a hobbyist. Soon after, DaniLuz picked up a few renowned clients and kickstarted his business to where it is today. 

Realism and Beyond 

DaniLuz's work is characterized by his impeccable attention to detail and his ability to bring his tattoos to life. He specializes in realism, hyperrealism, and black and grey tattoos, capturing the essence of his subjects with award-winning precision. He loves to tattoo portraits, nature compositions, women's faces, and animals, becoming one of the most well-known artists creating in some of the most difficult tattooing styles possible. 

Famous Clientele and Favorite Supplies 

Getting to tattoo “famous” people isn’t the reason artists get into the craft, but it’s definitely a cool milestone. DaniLuz has been able to tattoo his fair share of famously inked-up individuals, with Post Malone probably being the most notable of them all. The tattoo happened under full anesthesia and was completed all in one go. You can watch the process here.  



When it comes to tattoo ink, Daniel’s go-to selection includes some of our classics like the Thomas Carli Jarlier Noire Ink Set and the AD Pancho Pastel Grey Set. If you didn’t know that DaniLuz primarily works in greys and blacks, his ink preferences make it pretty clear! 

What’s Next for DaniLuz 

DaniLuz is currently living and working in the United States as a resident artist at Inked South Beach, continuing to expand his skillset and clientele. Incredible artists like him are always pushing the boundary of what’s possible. And World Famous is absolutely thrilled to be on the journey with him.  

You can follow DaniLuz on Instagram @daniluztattoo